BeFree - More information

More information on the workshops 2017 coming soon!

BeFree workshops used to be addressed to young people but currently have been evolving into workshops for both the youth and the families.

We desire to experience the fullness of the life in the Kingdom of God – seeing signs and wonders following the gospel preached to all nations. We would like to take a closer look at the issue of sonship - the heritage of God’s children, leaving our restrictive religious patterns to enter freedom, purity, holiness and the power of the sons of God.
We want to experience and grow in the grace, forgiveness, deliverance and anointing in our lives and the lives of our churches and communities.

We believe that God is doing something extraordinary in Poland and in Europe, pouring out the revelation of His fatherly, supernatural character.

Workshops are primarily for those who wish to experience God’s power, want to grow in discipline and Christian character and are ready pursue maturity  in discipleship. We invite those who desire to consciously and in an uncompromising way want to influence young people’s lives in the relationship of discipleship in their fellowships.
Workshops are a very intense time of teaching, serving and discipline, being at the same time very family-friendly.

Before you register for the camp/workshops, please read our regulations.

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